EPSY 5221

Principles of Educational & Psychological Measurement

Lab 1 (due October 2)

Assignment 1

Liking Science Data (save, do not open)

Exam I Data (save, do not open)

jMetrik Download

jMetrik User Guide / QuickStart / Intro Video

Lab 2

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 with Output

Liking Science Item Map

IRT Notes

Interpreting Fit

Interpreting Thresholds

Rasch Essentials

Latent Size, by Stitchfix

Lab 3

Assignment 3

station1.txt (Genova control file)

Station 1 Output

G-Theory Notes

Genova G-Theory Software

Sample Control File

Sample Output

Sample G-Theory Control Cards for 2002 Olympic Finals Results

Men's Ice Skating

Women's Ice Skating

Men's Diving

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