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Building Assessment & Data Literacy

The Minnesota Assessment Group and the College of Education & Human Development at the University of Minnesota are collaborating to develop guidance on building assessment & data literacy.

New 2017 Report:
Exploring Developmental Skills, Supports, & Challenges of MN Youth

Guidance Document

Through the Campbell Leadership Chair in Education & Human Development, this collaboration produced a guidance document, freely available to Minnesota school districts and schools, to promote appropriate, meaningful, and useful estimation and communication practices in support of addressing achievement gaps.

bullet Analyzing & Reporting Achievement Gaps (January 2016)

One of the goals of this collaboration is the development and release of a document providing guidance on estimating and communicating about achievement gaps. This document remains under development, and may be updated periodically with contributions from members of MAG. We invite all MAG members-and others-to contribute to this effort. Feel free to review and comment on the document provided here. The most current version will be dated and provided here.

Presentations with MAG

bulletPrinciples of Statistics & Measurement to Promote Teaching & Learning, October 8, 2017

bulletExploring Variability in MCAs, September 16, 2016

bulletMN School Composition, September 16, 2016

bulletMemo to MAG on Understanding Scores from MCAs, August 23, 2016

bulletPresentation to MAG on Exploring Achievement Gaps, January 15, 2016

bulletTechnical Report on Developmental Skills, Supports, & Challenges: 2016 MSS

bulletPresentation to MAG on Using Measurement Principles, March 15, 2015

bullet MCA-NAEP Achievement Gap Comparisons, 2009-2013

December 2013 Workshop Presentations

The MAG December 2013 workshop provided an opportunity for members to explore current issues in estimating and communicating about achievement gaps. The opening presentation was made by Dr. Rodriguez:

bullet Presentation on Communicating about Achievement Gaps

District presentations from the 2013 workshop are available here:

bulletAnoka Hennepin
bulletS. Washington County

Assessment Literacy Resources

The Buros Center for Testing provides resources for improving Assessment Literacy.

Classroom Assessment Standards for PreK-12 Teachers

Competencies in Assessment for School Counselors

The National Council on Measurement in Education provides briefs on Instructional Topics in Ed Measurement.

Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement

Standards for Teacher Competence in Assessment
The University of Minnesota’s Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) conducts research and evaluations on education topics and provides assessment support to educators and schools.

Competency Standards in Student Assessment for Educational Administrators

Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers
Lessons Learned about Testing, an expert and frank summary of practical lessons on test use. Code of Fair Testing Practices Minnesota Youth Development Research Group (Research Reports from the MN Student Survey)

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