Advanced Survey Data Analysis for Categorical & Rating Scale Data
Michael C. Rodriguez

EPSY 5245




This course will enable students to understand the principles and methods of survey data analysis.  It is designed as an extension of the Survey Design course (EPSY 5244).  Students will engage in survey data analysis exercises, use real data from several large survey programs, and review current literature on survey data analysis.


Students will be able to:

  • Understand the unique characteristics of survey data;
  • Analyze ordinal and nominal data in appropriate ways, including multivariate techniques;
  • Produce appropriate graphical displays of survey data;
  • Interpret results from survey data analyses appropriately;
  • Develop reasonable and useful analysis plans for future survey projects;
  • Identify appropriate and inappropriate uses and interpretations of survey data analysis results.

2018 Syllabus   Brief Introductions to Factor Analysis
  TIMSS Student Data: Excel or SPSS Beginner's Guide to Factor Analysis (Yong & Pearce)
Using Numbers in APA Style TIMSS Teacher Data: Excel or SPSS Overview of Factor Analysis (DeCoster)
  MSS2016HS osLGB Factor Analysis Resources (Neill)
SPSS Survey Data Analysis MSS7640 Sample Background on Cluster Analysis
SPSS Complex Samples MSS Codebook Cluster Analysis Cluster Analysis in R
  Other Survey Data Borgen 1987 Trigwell 1999
Presentation 1a: Graphical Displays Assignment-1 Lane & Sandor (Graphs)
Presentation 1b:
More Graphical Displays
Chi-Square Example Junk Charts
Presentation 1c: Hypothesis Testing Chi-Square Description Chartjunk by Tufte
  Clustered Bar Charts Lyons (2010)
    Rougier et al. (2014)
    Miller (2013)
Presentation 2: Multivariate Methods Assignment-2 Dowd & Duggan (Complex samples)
Multivariate Examples Archaeology [spss] [excel] [codebook] Belia et al. (Confidence intervals)
Effect-Size Computation Aggression [spss] [excel] [codebook]  
Presentation 3: IRT Assignment-3 Bode (Rasch models for surveys)
IRT Resources Liking Science Control File [DIF example] Mead (Rasch Primer)
Rasch Handout with Example Output Liking Science Output Interpreting Thresholds & Interpreting Fit
Presentation 4: GLM - HLM Assignment-4-Final-Project Goldstein (Multilevel data)
Hobson (HLM in Evaluation)
Wech (HLM for Market Research)
Woltman (Intro to HLM)
HLM Example  
Ranking data in SPSS [Breakfast spss]


Presentation 5: Reporting & Ethics   AERA REPORTING STANDARDS
    APA Responsible Conduct of Research
    Tsikriktsis (Missing data)

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