Quantitative Methods in Education


We are pleased to make our papers available to interested researchers. Please acknowledge our work as you use it and feel free to download and copy the papers available here. The papers are presented in pdf format.

SPSSI (2016) Symposium Using developmental skills & supports to improve youth outcomes
Rodriguez, Vue, Palma (2016) Measuring being bullied in the context of racial and religious DIF
Guzman Ayala, Rodriguez, Palma (2016) Achieving goals: The role of support and structure for Latina/o student post high-school goals
Rodriguez (2012) Challenges and successes of building measures relevant to research on teacher education in international contexts
Cabrera, Rodriguez (2011) Latino youth’s beliefs and attitudes and their influence on after-school activity participation
Rodriguez, Rubio, Landsdale, Meckes (2011) Standard setting in América Latina
Rodriguez (2008) A campus action model for building a Latino supportive campus
Rodriguez (2008, cont.) Indicator form (Campus Action Model)
Rodriguez (2009) The role of item response attractors in modified items for students with disabilities.
Rodriguez, Rego, Rubio (2009) Examining variation in independent replications of the Bookmark standard setting method on two tests in Guatemala.
Rodriguez, Ooms, Montanez, Yan (2005). Perceptions of online learning quality given comfort with technology, motivation to learn technology skills, satisfaction, & online learning experience.
De Alba-Johnson, Rodriguez, Arias, Zelin Johnson, McConnell, McEvoy, Horst, Passe (2004). Is professional training enough? The effect of coaching in the practice of early literacy instruction.
Willcutt, Wu, Palumbo, Samuels (2004). Effects of the fluent reader program on reading performance.
de Alba-Johnson (2003). Youth development practices and the Latino community.
Chan & Maruyama (2003). High school math preparation for students taking math remedial courses in post-secondary institutions.
Rodriguez & Jung (2003). The replicability of reliability generalization.
Tichy-Reese (2003). The social interdependence of moral development: an exploration of two theoretical models in order to create empirical bridges between them.

Diakidoy, Kendeou, & Ioannides (2002).

Reading about energy: The effects of text structure in science learning and conceptual change.
Gustafson (2002). Issues of accountability: A case study of a charter school under development.
Maeda & Rodriguez (2002). Statistical issues of reliability generalization and an application to achievement data.
Rodriguez & Morrobel (2002). Latino youth development: A vision of success in a period of empirical drought.
Rodriguez (2000). Validity of reliability generalization.
Rodriguez (1997). The art and science of item writing: A meta-analysis of multiple-choice item format effects.

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