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Survey Presentations and Links
Michael C. Rodriguez

Powerpoint Presentations in .pdf format

Making Surveys Effective

Designing Web Surveys
Survey Sampling (not for MESI)  
EPSY 5244: A Course at the U of M
Survey Design, Sampling, & Implementation
General Information about Survey Design
Research Tips & White Papers
Infopoll, Inc.: Bibliography of Resources
American Statistical Association
Survey Research Methods Section
Meet Don Dillman (some good papers here)
Survey Research (Krosnick, 1999) Questionnaire Design (Arsham)
General Information about Sampling and Data Analysis
Sample Size Calculator (free software program)
Summary of Survey Analysis Software
Sampling in Research (definition of terms)
Sample Size Selection
SAS, Sample Survey Design & Analysis
Computing Variances from Complex Sampling Designs
Educational Measurement Home
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