Using MSS to Create Youth Profiles of Developmental Skills, Supports, & Challenges MN Safe & Supportive Schools Conference, January 2016
Exploring Achievement Gaps Minnesota Assessment Group, January 2016
Using Principals of Measurement to Support Score Interpretation Minnesota Assessment Group, March 2015
Assessment Literacy to Support Score Interpretation and Use University of Minnesota, Principals Academy, June 2015
Measurement Essentials that Support Learning
Texas Region One Education Service Center, March 2011
Psychometrics to Support RtI Assessment Design Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood, February 2010

Formative Assessments that Support Assessment for Learning

Minnesota Assessment Group, November 2009
Examining Distractor Effectiveness In Modified Items for Students with Disabilities National Conference on Student Assessment, June 2009
Making Surveys Effective and Designing Web Surveys Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute, May 2008
Data Analysis TEDS-M Research Coordinators Meeting, June 2007
Scaling TEDS-M Research Coordinators Meeting, June 2007
Improving Efficiency of Large-Scale Surveys Veteran's Administration Medical Center, August 2007
Measurement Essentials that Support Assessment for Learning Webinar, November 2007
Evidence & Preference: Bias in Scoring TEDS-M Scoring Training Seminar, November 2007
Statistics & Measurement: Meeting the Demands of NCLB Minneapolis Counselors Association, January 2004
Measurement Essentials for Assessments that Work ARTIST, July 2004
Hierarchical Linear Modeling QME Seminar, March 2001

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