EPSY 8224
Performance Assessment Design & Analysis

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Recommended Readings on Performance Assessment
Meaningful performance assessment State perspectives on performance assessment
Implementing performance assessment Early childhood performance assessment
Performance assessment and instruction Guidance and performance assessment
Performance Assessment in Chicago Schools Validity of PA for English Language Learners
Developing & managing performance assessment Fairness in performance assessment
Performance assessment and accountability  
Promises & pitfalls of performance assessment Portfolios in assessment and instruction
Science performance assessment Math portfolios
Teacher performance assessment Electronic portfolios
Performance Assessment Links in Science Career development portfolios
Recommended Readings from: Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation
Authentic Assessment Scoring Rubric Development: Validity and Reliability.
Developing Classroom Performance Assessments Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?
Implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom Designing Rubrics for the Classroom
Developing and Managing Performance Assessment Consistency of Performance Criteria in Rubrics
  Rubric for Post Secondary Academic Skills
Measurement Approaches to Interrater Reliability Teacher Portfolio
  Organizational Issues Related to Portfolio Assessment Implementation in the Classroom
Recommended Readings from: Educational Policy Analysis Archives
Reframing Assessment Concepts Impact of Instructional Assessment
Educational Assessment Reassessed Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education
Education Reform Portfolios, the Pied Piper of Teacher Certification Assessments: Legal and Psychometric Issues
Politics of School Accountability Portfolio Assessment -- Complex Evidence of Teaching
School Performance Reports Generalizability of Portfolios of Beginning Teachers
Whither Advanced Placement? The Relationship between the Reliability and Cost of Performance Assessments.
Advanced Placement: Access Not Exclusion. Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
Readings on Generalizability Theory
Intro to Generalizability Theory (Matt) G-Theory of Dependability of Concept Mapping
G Theory and the Test of Spoken English G-Theory and Concept Map Research
G Theory and Patient Satisfaction Ratings G-Theory in Physical Therapy (Greenwood)
G Theory in Leisure Studies Intro to G-Theory in Health Systems Research
A Practical Guide to Performance Assessment  

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