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Performance Assessment Design & Analysis

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Reading List

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LeMahieu, P. G., Gitomer, D. H., & Eresh, J. T. (1995). Portfolios beyond the classroom: Data quality and qualities (Center for Performance Assessment MS #94-1). Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service.

Additional Readings
Kozaki, Y. (2010). An alternative decision-making procedure for performance assessments: Using the multifaceted Rasch model to generate cut estimates. Language Assessment Quarterly, 7(1), 75-95.

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Rater Considerations

Harik, P., Clauser, B.E., Grabovsky, I., Nungester, R.J., Swanson, D., Nandakumar, Ratna (2009). An examination of rater drift within a generalizability theory framework. Journal of Educational Measurement, 46(1), 43-58.

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